Liefia is a current professional middleweight strongwoman athlete. She was one of the very first women awarded a professional status in the sport of Strongman with the creation of the division in 2016. She has competed and impressed in elite-level strongwoman contests, both nationally and internationally, including World’s Strongest Woman, the Arnold Professional Strongwoman Championship, and Strongest Woman in the World.

As a professional athletic performance coach, Liefia combines her scientific background and sharp analytical skills with her love of pursuing strength.  She works with athletes of all types to reach their goals.

When not training or teaching, Liefia enjoys travelling, naps, snack, travel-snacks, and snack-naps.


Liefia started her athletic career quite late in life. While starting her brief career in medicine after college, she turned to lifting weights just to keep in shape. As her love of lifting grew, her understanding of physiology and mechanics was a natural match to learning the science of training, so she quickly started putting those skills to work teaching others as a part-time trainer.  She enjoyed this so much, that she quickly decided to pursue a career in training full time.  She started competing in CrossFit and Powerlifting and each new competitive experience pushed her to learn and grow more as an athlete and trainer.  In 2014, she entered her first Strongman competition and became fiercely focused on becoming the best.

With little sports background, Liefia lacked a lot of the athletic experience of her peers.  As a competitor, this was quite a disadvantage, but she now considers this to be one of her best assets as a trainer.  The lack of ability and physical development meant she had to learn how to take the long road, learning how to train properly, recover most efficiently, and compete strategically in order to succeed.  Liefia was able to build her own athleticism through careful attention to the details and incredible dedication.  Her win at the 2017 Arnold Professional Strongwoman Championship was especially impressive as a notably smaller middleweight competitor, having to compete in an open class, and defeating competitors from all weight classes in order to win.

Liefia’s achievement as an athlete is actually a testament to her ability to analyze, adapt, and persist.  This is what drives her to compete, and what motivates her to help others to do the same.

As a professional athletic performance coach, Liefia Ingalls combines her scientific academic background and sharp analytical skills with her love of strength and movement, training athletes of all levels.  Unicorn Strength Training currently allows her to reach clients all over the world.